What we do

Our Work

The GPU's work primarily centres on the following areas: 


The Gambia Press Union is engaged in a wide range of advocacy activities around freedom of expression and media freedom. For more information on our advocacy, click here 


GPU School of Journalism

In 2013, the Gambia Press Union set up the first journalism training institute in the country to address capacity gaps in the media. The GPU School of Journalism and Communication follow a triple path: teaching journalism, media specialisation along with general knowledge, analytical skills and English language skills. The education combines classroom sessions, distance learning and actual journalism production for print, radio and digital media on various development issues. For more information, click here 


Welfare Support

The GPU gives various form of support to its members - psychological care, financial support, payment of legal fees, employment advisory services. Click here 

Capacity Building

Despite setting up a school of journalism, the GPU continues to build the capacities of various stakeholders with a view to promoting freedom and responsibility of the press. Click here for more details 

Printing Press

The GPU printing press, donated by the US embassy in Banjul, is second to none in the newspaper industry. It provides affordable, accessible and quality printing that gives newspapers an improved outlook. Click here


Technical Advisory Services

The GPU is a treasure trove of resources vital to the country's socio-economic development and democracy. As such, we are often invited by government, civil society, and diplomatic partners to give advice, especially in relation to media. Click here for more   

CSO Support

We're stronger together. The GPU, as a critical component of the civil society, gives capacity building support to CSOs to enhance their communication. Click here 


Strategic Litigation

As a means of last resort, the GPU engages in strategic litigation to influence reforms in laws that govern media in the Gambia. See here for more details