Our School

Accredited by National Training Authority, the GPU School of Journalism is governed by a board of trustees. GPUSJ rolled out a two-year tuition-free diploma programme that phased out in 2015.

This is the first formal journalism training institute in the Gambia.

The school has its roots in a two-year Danida-funded pilot project that ran from 2010 to 2012. So far, the school has churned out twenty-four graduates. Some today occupy key positions in their work places. They include Isatou Bittaye, programme manager of National Council for Civic Education; Sang Mendy, director of GPU-GAMES project; Haddija Jawara, teaching assistant, GPU J-School; Musa Barrow, teaching assistant, GPU J-School; Talibeh Hydara, news editor of The Standard, Lamin Jahateh, news editor of The Point, Mariatou Ngum, deputy editor-in-chief of Daily Observer.

The GPU School of Journalism follows a triple path: teaching journalism, media specialization along with general knowledge, analytical skills and English language skills. The education combines classroom sessions, distance learning and actual journalism production for print, radio and digital media on various development issues.

Sang Mendy, executive director
Sang Mendy, executive director