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GPU to hold Congress Saturday March 22

The Gambia Press Union is set to hold its fifth Triennial Congress on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at the President’s Award Scheme Hall in Bakau.

The Congress, a mandatory requirement under Article 6b of its Constitution, is now due and to ensure compliance with the Constitution.

The holding of the congress is a precondition for any further media development in The Gambia.  Also, governance issues are critical to the management and integrity of an organisation that faces numerous challenges in terms of operating in an environment that is generally hostile to the media.  Transparent and accountable systems of governance are also critical for self regulation and for the maintenance of a credible institution.

To this end the Gambia Press Union Executive last week toured media houses to discuss plans for the event and to ensure a good turn out “The triennial Congress is a statutory requirement in the GPU Constitution.  Good governance also promotes transparency and accountability not only to the membership but to the public at large.  As media practitioners, we should practice what we preach, if we are asking government and public institutions to be transparent and accountable, then, we should also do likewise,” said GPU secretary general Ndey Tapha Sosseh.

GPU President Madi Ceesay told journalists that the Union is an institution that represents all Gambian journalists and that for it to effectively continue “to be a champion of press freedom and to fight for the right of journalists to practice their profession in The Gambia,” journalists must turn out in their numbers and vote in those that they wish to steer the affairs of the Union for the next three years.

During the Congress, the financial and status reports of the Union over the past three years will be presented and discussed; a consultative discussion on the way forward and sustainability will be held and a new executive board of nine is expected to be voted in.

Gambia Press Union
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