GPU Secretary Challenges WoJAG to Work Hard

The Secretary General of the Gambia Press Union (GPU) has challenged the Women Journalists Association of The Gambia (WoJAG) to work hard to strengthen the association and its membership.

Speaking recently at a five-day training program on freedom of expression and gender for 25 women journalists, Saikou Jammeh said female journalists are faced with lots of discrimination in the newsroom because their male counterparts are given more opportunity.

The five-day training was organised by the GPU in collaboration with WoJAG as part of a a project the union is implementing with the financial support of the US-based National Endowment Democracy (NED).

Speaking on the occasion, urged the leadership of WoJAG to be strong, saying the GPU relies on the strength of its affiliate organisations to further strengthen the union.

“Women in this country need a voice, they are suffering and no other person can give them that voice than the women journalists,” he the GPU SG said.

GPU programme officer, Haddija Jawara, challenged the union to take a step in addressing sexual harassment in the media by introducing sexual harassment policy in newsrooms.

The President of WOJAG, Sarjo Camara, said women journalists are faced with job insecurity in the newsroom, lack of adequate skills compared to their male counterparts, low prospects and unacceptable levels of vulnerability to male boss.

“In view of these challenges, there are plans to bring positive changes to address the inequalities,” she said.

The president of women journalists said they as women media workers do not want favours but “we want to compete to earn what we want”.