The GPU’s advocacy is centred on the following thematic areas

·        Safety of journalists

·        Legal and policy reforms

·        Improved working conditions of journalists

·        Freedom of expression

·        Media freedom and development

·        Professionalism in the media

The GPU has constantly been raising concerns over the safety of journalists through regular alerts and engagements with local and international stakeholders.

In 2011, the GPU came up with a standard tariff for payment of all freelance works. This aims to improve the economic welfare of journalists. We continue to advocate for media houses to improve wages for journalists, provide insurance and regularised their employment contracts.


In 2010, the GPU became the first Gambian CSO to engage the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council. We’ve taken before that mechanism concerns over freedom of expression and press freedom in the Gambia, and further took the government to task there in 2014.


Enjoying an NGO status with African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, the GPU regularly gives statements at the commission’s ordinary sessions, making a case for the AU’s human rights mechanism to intervene in the Gambia.

We continue to engage the government to put an end to impunity, review registration and licensing conditions and conduct media law reforms.

We have in recent times strengthened our engagement with local stakeholders as we have so far fruitfully engaged the lawyers, security officials, and National Assembly on key issues concerning journalism in the country.


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